1. 01. Natural - Yogurt & Berry

    YogurBerry is a combination of words Yogurt and Berry, which comes from the mixture of delicious Frozen Yogurt and
    Fresh Fruit & Nut Toppings originated from Nature-friendly and Healthy Concept.

  2. 02. Delicious - Sour & Sweet

    YogurBerry Frozen Yogurt is the ultimate combination of sourness from Yogurt and Sweetness from Ice Cream.
    Originating from a small town in 2004, it has grown into 50 outlets in Korea only within 3 years of period.
    Now YogurBerry is making a whole new trend in the ice cream industry by expanding itself worldwide including USA, Korea, China,
    Malaysia, Brazil, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Sudan, Macau and the United Arab Emirates.

  3. 03. Healthly - Low Fat, Low Calories

    healthly - yogurberry The Secret of YogurBerry yogurt ice cream comes from its freshness made at each outlet.
    All products are made right in front of customers upon choice of daily prepared toppings, which excludes any artificial ingredients .
    YogurBerry yogurt ice cream contains only 1/3 of dairy fat compared to normal ice creams, and guarantees low calories by using only Fruit Sugar.
    Lots of Vitamin & Fiber contents will not only make you think you are getting healthier, but actually revitalize your body and make it healthier & fresher.

  4. 04. Fresh - Nature & Pure

    In Asian region outlets, you will find Red Rose Pedal Walls.
    In North America region outlets, you will find Green Leaves decorations.
    Also in UAE region, you will find berry trees in the wall.
    Trees give us green freshness, and Flowers give us aromatic scents.
    YogurBerry knows that Human should live together with trees & flowers on this Earth as one unity.

    YogurBerry tries its best to transfer over the same relaxing atmosphere & regeneration power from the Nature into all of its products & outlets. It is the ultimate place for you and your loved ones to be together.


  • More Than Simply Yougurt... Traditional yogurt products have been around
    for a long time. Same taste, same style, same
    feel. Now, it is time for something different.
    Something more than simply yogurt. YogurBerry
    offers a selection of frozen yogurt products that
    are spectacular in taste and one-of-a kind in health
    benefits. Our YogurBerry frozen yogurt can be mixed
    with fresh fruits and nuts, blended into smoothies.
    Whichever way, the result is one mouth-watering treat.

  • More Than Simply another cafe... In the bustle and tussle of daily life, we all deserve a break. Our cafes are uniquely designed to provide customers with a relaxing and refreshing environment where they can enjoy YogurBerry with friends and loved ones. Come by, bring something they can enjoy YogurBerry with friends and loved ones. Come by, bring something to read, connect your laptop.

  • A new kind of yogurt experience YogurBerry simply put is a new kind of experience.
    We do not just give you the same old yogurt and send you on your way. Instead, we invite you to taste something new and relax while you are doing it. It will be good not only for your taste buds, but for the entire you!