• low fat & low calories Frozen Yougurt

    YogurBerry Frozen Yougurt is low fat & low calories which contains cast quantities of Bifidus Lactobacillus.
    As a result, not only is our Product healthy and excellent for your digestion, but it can also aid with weight loss and significantly lower the risk of coronary heart disease, as well as help athletes maintain constant energy levels.

  • Nutrition Facts

    Nutrition Facts
    Serving Size : Frozen Yogurt 100g (3.4oz) Total Carbohydrate : 17.5g
    Calories : 92.8 kcal Protein : 4.8g
    Total fat : 0.4g (trans fat free) Vitamin C : 4% (Daily Value)
    Cholesterol : 0mg Calcium : 4% (Daily Value)
    Sodium : 47.6mg


  1. 01. About Fructose (Fruit Sugar)

    Fuctose is monosaccharide, mostly found in fruits as well as various vegetables. It is about 80% sweeter than sucrose(sugar), and it can lower calories while maintaining sweetness.
    YogurBerry is taking the advantage of the property of fructose and offering products safe for all people including the obese, diabetic and health-conscious.

  2. 2. About Gl19 (Glycemic Index)

    Glycemic index(GI) is a measure of how carbohydrate-containing foods affect blood glucose levels.
    All foods that contain carboydrates, such as starchy vegetables (potatoes, corn), desserts, fruits, bread, pasta and rice can be tested for how they affect blood sugar levels after being eaten.(ex. Sucrose is GI64, whereas fructose scores GI19)

Glycemic Index Table