The small interest for Frozen Yogurt started early 2000 and changed to huge trend in USA, Korea, China, Brazil, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, India, Malaysia, Sudan, Philippines, Indonesia, Portugal, Australia, Paraguay, Bolivia, Pakistan, Nigeria, Venezuela, Vietnam and Macau.
This World Wide trend in YogurBerry's Frozen Yogurt considers high quality, premium taste and health benefit that created a boom and a cultural phenomenon. Now YogurBerry is operating more than 100 stores in the world.



  1. 01. The Excellent taste & Superior materials

    YogurBerry's frozen yogurt & smoothies is the ultimate combination of sourness of yogurt & sweetness of ice cream.
    Furthermore, customers can make their own frozen yogurt with various nuts & fresh fruits toppings, which also gives a lot of fun to them.
    The Secret of YogurBerry frozen yogurt comes from its freshness made at each outlet, which makes YogurBerry yogurt different with other kinds of ice-cream.
    All products are made right in front of customers upon choice of daily prepared toppings, which excludes any artificial ingredients possibly.
    YogurBerry yogurt ice cream contains only 1/3 of dairy fat compared to normal ice creams, and guarantees low calories by using only Fruit Sugar.
    Lots of Vitamin & Fiber contents will not only make you think you are getting healthier, but actually revitalize your body and make them healthier & fresher.

  2. 02. Standardized System

    Each outlet can easily produce the frozen yogurt following the recipe of YogurBerry.
    The taste is no difference between YogurBerry outlets.

  3. 03. Low starting expenses & High profit rate

    YogurBerry is assisting franchisee to start the business with competitive power, compared to other retail business.
    YogurBerry tries its best to gurantee home & global franchise to obtain more over 70% profit from the cost & 30~50% high net profit by develping R&D ability.

  4. 04. Know - How & Experience

    YogurBerry has been operating more than 100 outlets in the world including USA, Korea, China, Brazil, UAE,Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, India , Panama, Portugal, Malaysia, Sudan, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam & Macau.
    YogurBerry has accumulated a lot of know-hows & experience related to brand positioning in local market, securing the location, complex procedure for import & export.
    The localizing ability to local market based on the know-how & experience is another strength of YogurBerry.